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Nurşen Demirci propertius

He was born in Çaycuma district of Zonguldak. Although he did not have a career planning in fashion, fabrics, colors, patterns and dresses were always in his field of interest. After his high school education, he participated in the trainings of the Public Education Center and took the first step in terms of professionalism in the field of fashion.
After the trainings he received, he worked as a master trainer at the Public Education Center for four years. In 1994, he started working at the Mevlüt Collective sewing workshop, which made personalized works with the thought that I could be better. This was a turning point for him. He wanted to make a career in this field. She opened her own workshop in 2000 and started Elif Jülide Design School in Ankara to improve herself more. After the education process was completed, she participated in the fashion show organized by the school in Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul with a caftan reflecting the Ottoman period of her own design. Then, she made a first in Çaycuma by making her own fashion show consisting of 40 pieces.

Until 2005, he continued his personal work in his own workshop. In the same year, he settled in Istanbul by drawing a new road map for himself. The crossing of his path with Yıldırım Mayruk gave him a new perspective and he started to follow fashion trends more closely. She worked in design and sewing workshops, which are a brand in their field, until 2015 (Ümran Erçağ). As a result of all these experiences, she started to make her own designs by turning to design products. And when he was finally ready, he prepared the first wedding dress collection he dreamed of for 2021. He is still actively working in the sector with his personalized works.